Westminster AM (i)

My midnight stroll through Westminster, London

Still standing


1900 Family House

I finally visited a relative's old house which was abandoned this year. Sadly it was destroyed and looted but letters and small objects were left behind. This house holds 3 rooms and a bathroom located outside the house... hard to believe a relative lived here.

Kalaa, Lebanon

Teta + Ikhteh + Bint aami

Saoufar, Lebanon


Queensway, London


Saoufar, Lebanon

Wine field nomads

Beqaa, Lebanon

The fertile Beqaa valleys of Lebanon was a great source of grain for the Roman provinces when the region was part of the Roman Empire. Nowadays the North of Beqaa is a grazing land for nomads and the South holds crops like wheat and vegtables, also a few vineyards.

Chateau Donna Maria

The Villa was built in 1909 by Donna Maria Sursock's husband Alfred. Abandoned in 1975, the small castle was looted by the militias and armies going through the village during the Civil War. Now the front esplanade holds events (e.g. weddings).

Saoufar, Lebanon

The Church of Saoufar

Located in my village Saoufar, the church was built in 1907 and abandoned during the 1975 Civil War.