Tea Break

Hey guys!

I will be taking some time off the blog to focus on university studies.

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Prince | أمير

 Amir Afshar in Bus 214 @Kings Cross Station 2009

Westminster stroll

Westminster Sept 2012


Melton Street // 2009 London

Over the Bridge | على الجسر

Southbank, London

Before the storm

 Southbank, London

City BBoi

Anthony @Nido King Cross // 2009, London


 Cynthia M @Brick Lane, London 2009

Ostrich Pillow | مخدة النعامة

Finally, time to nap 
Ostrich Pillow @AA School of Architecture

Amongst factories we design

 Polaroids of 2012 | Architects @Sabhan, Kuwait


Old Street // 2010, London

100th Post // ISOR89 @Achrafieh 2020

( above photographs taken by Beirut Street Photographers (BSP) )

On the 2nd of September, BSP held a small exhibition out on a street in Achrafieh, displaying photographs by local street photographers. These photographs were of scenes captured around the neighbourhood of Achrafiyeh. 

A 24 hour contest was held a day before to showcase the winning images in the exhibition. "Under the Bridge" by In Search of Rhiannon (below) was chosen along with "Stick Together" by Sarah Haddad"The Time Machine" by Samar Hawa and "La Jeunesse" by Yves Moutada

"Under the Bridge" - In Search of Rhiannon

Paint Up V.4

 Today we helped paint the steps of Mar Mikhael with a "team of inspired, driven & passionate artists/designers, aimed at creating initiatives to make Beirut brighter & more beautiful, through color."