at\KWT/city (iii)

Sheep tongue, head and ankles for dinner:

Dine in darkness
Oh cat wont you share my bread
As we listen to sounds of our neighbours bullets and cries
Hussein... Pour me a steel of laban from that disco ball 
As you describe the powers of the ankles of my cotton shirt
- \\\S

at\KWT/city (ii)

Back door of the City.

at\KWT/city (i)

Exploring the young city of KWT. 
Cats of the night come out to feast on your Irani bread. 

Off to the City

 Architect Hussain Trad and I off to KWT CITY. 
See more pics soon.


Nous sommes des navires lourds de nous-mêmes

Débordants de choses fermées, nous regardons

À la proue de notre périple toute une eau noire

S'ouvrir presque et se refuser, à jamais sans rive.

KU Pavilion Exhibition (i)

A bunch of KU students from the College of Architecture, with the help of Dr Dashti and Mohammad Makki, have digitally designed and fabricated two pavilions. They are the first of their kind in Kuwait. 

[EARS: thank you Omar!]

June 6 – July 18 // Beirut II – بيروت ٢

Photos I took during my visit to Beirut 2 @CAP Kuwait. 
Find more info about this exhibition here.